The Rock School Audition

Just over a week ago I auditioned for the Rock School for Dance Education and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The Rock School audition tag

You might be wondering why I chose to audition at the Rock School. I decided to audition there after my friend Siobhan (in the image below) told me about her Rock School summer intensive experience and made an offer for me to come to one of their auditions with her. It may not sound like being offered to go with her was a big deal, but it was. One of the annoying parts of auditioning for the Rock School is that they don’t vary in audition sites very much, so to be presented with a way to get to one was great.

After deciding to go to the audition with my friend, I prepared. I had to take three audition photos, the usual arabesque and headshot along with a picture in second. The extra picture isn’t a nuisance unless you hire a professional photographer that charges per photo. Once photos were taken, I pre-registered for the Rock School audition in Chicago. There pre-registration process is very easy and one thing I really liked about it was that it was up for a very long time before the audition.

I chose to audition in Chicago because it would be the easiest to make happen. I was lucky to have a brother to stay with and a very affordable plane ticket. The audition in Chicago was held at Ballet Chicago. The location was beautiful. The studios were on the nineteenth story and had big windows looking out over the city. It was a very nice place to audition.

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View overlooking clouds

Now the audition itself. I arrived at Ballet Chicago about an hour before the audition and registration hadn’t started. All the studios were open for us to warm up and stretch in. About a half hour before the audition registration was open. I got my tag and went into the audition ten minutes later.

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Siobhan and I after the audition in Ballet Chicago’s nice dressing rooms.

The audition began. It was taught by Jody Anderson, a ballet master for the Rock School. The audition was going at a nice pace and to my surprise not overflowing with people. Whether or not the Rock School had anything to do with that I don’t know, but it is nice to be an audition where you don’t feel suffocated by other dancers. As the audition went on Ms. Anderson was very kind. She gave combinations just at the right level for the varying age group. Throughout the whole audition I felt comfortable, which is not typical. I really appreciate that Ms. Anderson treated it as class by giving us corrections and telling us not to stress. When the audition was through Ms. Anderson was sure to make us all feel at ease before giving us our results. That was definitely a highlight of the Rock School audition, that they give your results and placement at the end of the audition. Overall it was a great audition experience, even if you don’t want to attend the Rock School for year round or summer training, I highly recommend you audition there if you want audition practice.

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