Suffolk Pointe Shoes

suffolk pointe shoes

For my third post in the shoes series, I’m talking about my current pointe shoes. Right now, I wear Suffolk’s Stellar shoes.

To start these shoes are very nice looking. The satin is slightly pinky peach. They have a cloth drawstring that I usually replace with an elastic one to help the shoe fit better. I am slightly obsessed with Suffolk’s ribbons. The brand’s ribbons are the same on each side, with a slightly dull look. This means less pancaking and no worries about sewing a ribbon on the wrong side, which I love.

Part of the reason I started wearing these shoes is because it has helped with the twisting I previously discussed in my Bloch shoes post. The twisting doesn’t even occur in these shoes. They are very strong, which I personally like. Since they are strong, I recommend breaking the box in beforehand. I always do this because if I don’t I’m sure to get blisters in class. You want to be careful when doing this to avoid over breaking in.

These shoes have been really good to me. I never had problems performing in them, they last awhile, and shape to the foot well. They are a little more expensive Bloch, but it is worth it because of the decent life span of the shoes. The Suffolk shoes are really nice and if you are looking for something new check out the brand because I know a lot of people who like them other than me.

I hope you enjoyed the post and come back next Monday for final post of the shoe series!


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