The Little Things: Part One

On this cold St. Patty’s day I’m writing about the little things, part one of two. Ballet is something that we devote a lot of our time to and sometimes we need a break. Sometimes to take a break, we take pleasure in the little things. The little things I do to relax that are ballet related include reading Pointe magazine and going to see Bolshoi Ballet in cinema.

Pointe Magazines

Pointe magazine is one of those great sources of information for dancers that also entertains. After a long day, it is so nice to just sit down, grab some tea, and read Pointe. Whether your reading about a new up and coming choreographer or tips for auditions, Pointe always manages to keep you interested. It is an easy way to stay in touch with the dance world while relaxing.

Pointe has such a wide variety of content, too. Some of the most helpful stretches and exercises I know, I’ve found in Pointe. In addition to that, Pointe gives advice for your dancing, tells about events in ballet, and doesn’t just focus on the big companies. Pointe looks at ballet dancers and companies everywhere, not just the major ones. To see more about Pointe check out the link at the bottom of the page.


Ticket for the next Bolshoi performance

Another great thing to check out is the Bolshoi Ballet performances that they show in theaters. Knowing that I’ll probably never see one of their shows in person, this is such a great opportunity. The show is projected in great quality and gives you the view of a front row seat. I’ve been able to see two shows so far this year and I’ve enjoyed both a lot.

I first saw The Golden Age. The dancers were wonderful at portraying their character. You truly felt a dislike for the antagonist and a sympathy for Lyuska. Aside from the acting, the dancing was incredible. The dancers brought the technique and artistry together with ease. The second one I saw was the classic, The Sleeping Beauty. It held all the wonders The Golden Age did, but with its own excitement. Look below for Bolshoi’s link.

I hope you enjoyed the post and get to go relax with a “little thing”. None of this post is sponsored, just things I enjoy, that you might too. Check back Monday for a post on how what we eat intertwines with ballet.

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