You Are What You Eat?

There is a quote that goes “First we eat then we do everything else.” by M.F.K Fisher. I feel that this quote is true and that sometimes ballet dancers and everyone else should be reminded of it.

To me this quote says that we are fueled by our food and must eat to fill the tank before we start the day. This is a good way to see our relationship with food if you ask me. Food is what fuels us and gets us ready for the day and keeps us running through it. Of course there are other things food can serve as, but that is a different conversation.

I feel like society and young dancers especially think they need to eat for the body they want instead of eating to fuel the body they have. This notion of eating a certain way for a certain body type is definitely an impression given to dancers by society.

I remember I was at a party and wasn’t eating much because I wasn’t hungry, but someone there made a comment along the lines of “Trying to keep your ballet figure?”. I’ve also come across an Instagram account where the girl shares what little she eats and the captions consist of how she is thinks is overweight at 110 lbs. She believes she must be skinnier for ballet. It’s upsetting to see this girl keep from eating and have people make comments like the one from above.

My point in sharing this is just to give a friendly reminder that we shouldn’t eat a certain way in hope to obtain a different figure. Instead, we should eat to take care of our body and give it the fuel for those long days at the studio.

Beyond eating enough, we need to eat the right things. Obviously you shouldn’t just eat brownies and tacos, but you also don’t have to avoid them entirely. We can eat those things and others while being healthy as long as we eat the proper portions.

Overall my advice is to most importantly, eat enough and secondly eat what you want in moderation. Food is your fuel not your fattener and sometimes we forget it in the slim world of ballet. We are hard-working athletes that need energy, so let’s eat up!

I hope you found this post helpful and check back next week for another post!


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