The Little Things: Part Two

Part two of why we should take pleasure in the little things. To me, taking an interest and appreciation for the little things in life is what keeps us sane as dancers. We are constantly working hard and the next day we work harder. We have an endless need for improvement and that can take a lot out of us.

In order to not lose it, I believe we need to find¬†appreciation for the little things. Now this doesn’t mean we need to take a hobby because heck, we don’t even have much time for hobbies as dancers. I’m just saying find those small things that are in everyday life that bring you happiness.

The first thing I would look for some sunshine in is the seasons. Like every other person, I love the warm days of summer, but nothing gets me more excited than the fall and winter seasons. I can’t wait to pick pumpkins, carve them, pull on a sweater, and drink some tea. I can’t wait for snowflakes to fall in my hair and listen to the snow crunch beneath my boots. It may not be much, but the weather and seasonal norms of winter and fall just make me happy.

Another thing to take joy in are the pretty things around us. Flowers are great, they aren’t rare or expensive (the latter is debatable), but they are nice to look at. It’s always nice to have a bouquet on my desk (even if they’re dead).

Plane views are just another thing I really like. You get to see your world from a whole new perspective and it is awesome. Obviously plane views and flowers might not be your thing, but just try to find something you wouldn’t mind staring at all day.

The next thing I encourage you to delve into is music. Music can make my food better in the blink of an eye. I listen to it getting ready to school, walking to school, studying, cooking, doing chores, and every other time of the day. Try and find something not on the radio that is a little different and special to you. It makes just a little bit cooler when you meet someone else that likes it.

Lastly find something you love to eat or drink. It may seem silly, but I’m serious. For me, it is coffee, I realize some people may think I’m too young to enjoy coffee, but I assure you I’ve done my research and it’s perfectly fine. Having that one little thing you enjoy to eat and can make your day is kind of great. If all it takes to make you happy is a certain donut or vegetable with dinner then great! To be able to be content for the day because you got that pear from the farmer’s market is a-okay.

All I want you to get out of the post, is to take care of yourself and find something that pleases each sense. We don’t get a lot of free time, but if we have a new artist to listen to, something to munch on, something to stare at endlessly, something to feel good on our skin, and a scent dancing into our noses we’ll be just dandy. See you this Friday and don’t forget to share with friends!

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