Branch Out of Ballet

Today’s post discusses the importance of trying styles of dance outside of ballet, even if you think you don’t like them.

My first reason for why you should expand your dance education to different styles is because it will help you bring personality to your ballet. You can have the best technique in the world, but if you can’t bring artistry and personality to your dancing you won’t get far. It isn’t always easy to add this artistry, but I find taking classes such as jazz that are a little more free help bring this quality out.

The second reason I advice broadening your horizons is that it can give you a new view and approach to the same old move. If you struggle with turns in ballet, but come at them with a different approach in contemporary or jazz this can carry over into your ballet training.

The next reason to try new dance styles is that it can give you a break. They allow you to take a new and challenging way of dance, while giving you a break from the strict barriers of ballet. Other styles allow for a little more relaxation, especially if they aren’t your main focus like ballet.

The final reason to start other varieties of dance is that they will help you professionally. You will not be able to make it in the real world of ballet with only ballet training. This becomes clear with new modern choreography popping up everywhere and with no ballet company being strictly ballet. To give yourself the best edge, you want to be as versatile as possible and what better way to do that then have training in other styles.

Overall I highly advice trying a style of dance other than ballet. It will help your ballet dancing and your career opportunities. Not to mention, it is a great way to have fun and let loose. I have always enjoyed classes in jazz and contemporary and wouldn’t mind trying out hip hop and ballroom as well. So, go and try a new style and be better for it!

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