Seniority or Merit?

Piggy backing off of my last post with casting, I’m going into the debate of seniority or talent. It is a well-known issue on whether the oldest people with the most experience get the coveted role/position or do the most talented. This occurs not only in ballet, but everything such as school sports or who to hire for a job. I’ll give my stance on each side and hopefully you’ll comment your thoughts below.

Let’s start with why seniority should get the best part. Seniority has (to go with the classic argument) been there the longest. The people of seniority have waited their turn and now they deserve their chance. It isn’t fair to let someone younger get the better role if they’re brand new after you have been waiting years to get the better role. Another reason to choose seniority is that eliminates the chances for favoritism. You wouldn’t want the same talented person getting the good roles year after year.

Now let’s think about why the more talented person should get the role. The first reason to choose the more talented person is that it motivates. If you have to be the best for the reward, you will work harder to get there because you have incentive. Another reason why the talented should get a better part is that it may give the best product in the end. With the best person performing the role it will result in the best performance.

Overall, I prefer rewarding merit with better roles over rewarding seniority because it pushes people to work a little harder. I think both sides have their benefits and downfalls. Sorry the post is so short, but be sure to check back next week and let me know what you think down below, seniority or merit?

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