Annoying Ballet Stereotypes

We all face annoying stereotypes from none dancers. Here are a few for none dancers reading this to avoid and for dancers out there to know I feel your pain.

1.We don’t eat- Just like athletes, we need fuel to dance, so stop being surprised when we eat a real meal. In addition if we say we aren’t hungry, we aren’t hungry, we’re definitely not starving ourselves contrary to belief.

2. We don’t care or know about sports- Just because I don’t play a sport, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching them. Not only do I like watching them, I know what’s going on, too.

3. We all listen to classical music- This one is just weird. Sure we like it because we listen to it in class, but that doesn’t mean I go home and listen to it.

4. We are mean- Movies about the arts or dance world always paint dancers as snobby, stuck up, mean girls, but I swear we’re nice.

5. We are frail- Another one that is complete bogus. If you’re dancing nine hours a day as a professional, you have to be strong. You need core strength, hip strength, ankle strength, and endurance, if you have those things I’d say you aren’t frail.

6. We are very girly- There’s nothing wrong with being girly, but don’t assume I am because I do ballet. Just because I’m a ballerina, it doesn’t mean I love wearing makeup, shopping, and being the pretty princess with a crown and tutu.

7. It’s just a hobby- This is more a stereotype of ballet rather than ballerinas, but it is still annoying. Even if you don’t do it professionally, this isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion.

8. It’s easy- The worst stereotype of them all, ballet is easy. It isn’t, it just isn’t, you can take my word on this one.


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