A Rough Audition

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share my experiences as a dancer, but recently I’ve just been writing advice posts and not much of my story. Today I’m going to talk about an audition I had Friday and how my dance life has been going in general. This post is just a little story time on what has been going on dance wise for me.

Ballet has been crazy busy for me recently, with end of season show coming up there has been endless rehearsing. This is all coming after a different performance, “Peter and the Wolf”. “Peter and the Wolf” was an exhausting, but ultimately fulfilling experience. I was cast at the bird and was in two of four performances. We had relatively little preparation and it was definitely a stressful. Once it was over we had to dive right into end of season preparation, but that isn’t what I’m talking about today.

This past Friday, Cinco de Mayo, I had an audition for a second company position. It isn’t as serious as other second companies, that are more of jobs, this second company is similar, but not as intense. Anyways this audition went pretty well, there weren’t any major mess ups. The problem was, it wasn’t my best. I knew I could have done better, but I wasn’t dancing to my fullest potential. My turns were faulty, my adagio weak, and overall I felt frustrated.

This had been happening for a while in class since I got a minor back injury. I can’t sit out to let it heal, but I have had to hold back in class in order to stay healthy enough to dance. Due to this I felt I had declined from earlier this year and it felt discouraging. The audition ended and it wasn’t terrible, but it could have been better. I knew I had done well enough, but to know I could have done better was better. Despite this crappy feeling, the next day I got up went to class and rehearsal.

Moral of the story, push through. I’ve been struggling recently with little things in ballet, but have forced myself to continue on and I hope you do too. Some classes are better than others and we just have to hope the next one is the best yet. If you find yourself feeling this way, keep going.

Check back soon, for my opinion on new jazz shoes and hopefully some more stories like this one!

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