Dear Diary Times Two

Today is a little advice post that can apply to dancers, but almost anyone else. I am suggesting that you start two journals, for two separate things.

The first journal I recommend starting is for a more personal use. I suggest jotting down every day (or as close to) what you did, how you felt, and other things from the day you just had. This is a great way to relieve yourself of any emotions that may have built up in the studio, allows for you to go back and read about good days, and is a great way to wrap up your day. There are so many other good reasons to start this personal journal. It helps get rid of stress, understand thoughts, pushes you to remember things, and so much more. The last reason to start a journal is years from now you may go back and read it and get to relive a great role or summer intensive.

The second journal is for ballet (or other things for my non dancer readers). After a class or two go back and write down corrections from teachers or things you want to work on. You can use this to help keep track of things to improve and make goals. This is also a great tool for when you are preparing a piece or role for performance. While we remember a lot of corrections, a lot can also go out the window by the next day. Try and push yourself to write down corrections or tips after every other class. It may be annoying at first, but it will soon become a habit. This journal will be so helpful for targeting your specific flaws and it can help you to remember corrections from one time experiences such as intensives or master classes.

I hope you try keeping the two journals to help you relax and to help your dancing. I know it has been helpful to write down my thoughts, since there is always a lot going on.

Come back next Monday to hear about my end of season show that is happening this Sunday!

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