Rock School Summer Intensive

So, of course I messed up and didn’t write yesterday. Anyways time to tell you about the Rock!

Well, it has been a good start. I’ve actually been at the dorms since Friday, since I came with a chaperone. On Sunday everyone else arrived. I helped people move in and greeted. If I’m perfectly honest, I actually really liked being here early because I acquainted myself with all the chaperones and could settle in a little sooner.

I actually waited all day for my roommate to come in, then registration came to a stop and I went asked administration what was up. Turned out my roommate was coming anymore. Lucky for me the suite next door had only one girl, so she became my roommate. ¬†Overall the dorms are quite nice, they’re pretty clean and comfy. The non teaching staff has been incredibly nice, so the non dance aspects have been very enjoyable.

Monday started and I got to wake up at a fairly decent time of 7:30. Walked to breakfast with roommates and friends, then had a wealth of time to get ready. At 9:45, the bus left for the school. After a 45 minute ride, we had arrived and had a brief, uneventful meeting with artistic directors Bo and Stephanie. Then at last at 12:00 I headed to my first class. It was with Sun-Mi and was the perfect class to jump back into ballet. By the end my butt had been slightly kicked, I was sweaty, and it felt great. Following that was lunch. The afternoon brought class from a former PNB dancer.

I came home exhausted because even though it is only three classes, you are worked hard. I won’t get into a whole lot more detail because you probably won’t want to read it all, but I will explain what the Rock program is like.

If you want something that works on all types of dance, don’t come here. That isn’t what they focus on, it is almost exclusively ballet. Since we do only ballet (for the most part), you have just three to four classes. It is definitely a good idea to come here if you really want to focus on ballet. Another thing is that, depending on where you’re placed for board, chances are you’ll have a 45 minute bus ride to ballet and then another one back. This really isn’t bad to me, I take naps on it, but I feel people should know about this because it may bother them.

To close it up, it has been a good first two days, with fun teachers, nice dorms, tasty food, and lots of hard work. I will do my absolute best to write again on Monday with another Rock update, so see you then!

An Update

Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back! I needed a little bit of a break with school coming to an end and the start of summer, but I can assure you my weekly schedule is resuming.

This post is just a little update on what is going on. Since the official season has ended, I have taken several standalone classes. These have been really great for me. It was so nice to go back to class even though I had only been away for two weeks because it honestly felt like something was missing. I had finished my exams and was flustered, so to go back to a class was so therapeutic.

These classes have been great also because they are teachers I don’t usually have. They both focus on the basics and really work on that strong foundation, which was great. Another thing I could really appreciate about one of the teachers, was his focus on mentality. This teacher always reminds me to have the right mentality, so I’ll pass his message because it’s really great.

He always encouraged me to forget about the people around me and just be me. He stressed that I can’t change who I am and I need to accept and embrace that. You have probability heard this before, but with the start of summer intensives and being surrounded by abundant talent, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

Outside of these helpful classes, I’m now getting ready to go to the Rock School for Dance. I will leave Thursday, (and continue to blog) but I’m not very prepared. It hasn’t quite hit me that I’m leaving so soon, but I’m very excited. That’s about it, not much, but come back Friday for another post about packing for summer intensives!