Long Overdue

Well it sure has been a long time. I am still going to write guys! I know I have been very, very absent lately, the new year has taking some adjusting. I have just started high school and now being in senior company at Dayton Ballet, I’m dancing typically five or six days a week depending on what we’re rehearsing. I’m here to give an update and say I will do my absolute best to deliver a normal schedule.

As previously mentioned I started high school, but it hasn’t had too much of an effect on my writing. School is relatively the same as is it was last year, challenging, but perfectly manageable. The main reason I haven’t written is because I’m adjusting to senior company. I dance 3.5 hours Tuesday through Thursday, at least 1.5 hours on Friday, and typically 1.5 hours on Saturday. That is a normal week, but lately Nutcracker rehearsal has made that a lot busier. Before Thanksgiving I had a fifteen hour weekend of rehearsal, but only had class this previous weekend. It has been a whole new adventure to take class with the company on a pretty regular basis. A transition of looking up to the company members to dancing alongside them is both very fulfilling and strange.

As a freshmen I went to a few rehearsals for snow and flowers, just to learn. It was really exhausting, but ultimately really fulfilling too. It was the first corps work I had done in a professional environment and it was really exciting. With Nutcracker coming up you can expect a post on how to survive the holidays, you will also be seeing a Yumiko review in the future, and I’ll start talking about summer intensives again as well. I’m really looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, so keep your eyes open and I’ll see you again soon!

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