How To Survive the Holiday Hustle

Nutcracker we all love (or hate) it, but it is exhausting. Especially as a student it is a lot to juggle rehearsal and exam preparations as the semester comes to a close. Here are a few tips I have for you to get through.

  1. SLEEP- This is probably the hardest thing for me to do, but it must be a priority. Find time to sneak in a power nap if you don’t get a good nights rest. With studying, germs, and a tired body sleep will be your best friend.
  2. Eat right- Fuel your body! When your already exhausted from dancing being hungry makes it a million times worse. Making meals the day before at least having a plan will make things a lot easier. Some good snacks to munch on are pistachios, banana, apples with natural peanut butter, or veggies with humus. Each of those things fill me up without making my stomach heavy. After a long day we always want a nice treat of course, my favorite is mock chocolate mousse. It’s made with avocado, banana, milk, cocoa, and maple syrup. Another goody is black bean pumpkin brownies. Check out the links below for recipes.

Mock Mousse

Black Bean Pumpkin Brownies

3. Roll out-We may not always have time to stretch everything out after a long day, but do yourself the favor of rolling out your muscles. It may not be as fulfilling, but if you are pressed for time it is good enough. It makes the world of a difference to your body the next day and it is a bit faster than a stretch.

4.Don’t push-Take it easy in class. Of course you should always give your best effort in class, but if there is any time you should be easy on your body it is now. The cold weather and germs are a recipe for disappointment if you aren’t kind to your body. Always give class your best, but maybe go a little bit easier on that cambré or that battement.

5.Write it Down-For students studying for their semester exams, write it down. The best study strategy for me is to write stuff down. Take notes and notes and more notes about what you need to know. The process of reading it and writing it down is extremely helpful to me. Another little trick is that while you study listen to music (that won’t distract you) and listen to the same music again right before your exam. It helps you remember what you had studied while listening to it before.

These are my tips to get you through the holiday madness, I hope they helped!

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