These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

It’s Christmas season my friends! With wish lists being made and gifts being purchased I thought I would share a few of my favorite things in case you are interested in getting them yourself.


Legwarmers– I love these. I wear them all the freaking time. My favorite part is the elastic band that keeps them on your thigh, that was always my least favorite thing about full length leg warmers, they would always slip down. They are very comfy, have stirrups, and are extremely affordable. Check them out in the link!


Trashbag Pants– Very generic, I know, but honestly it doesn’t matter where you get them. I have your basic Body Wrappers trash bag pants and I love them. They are very warm and simple. Not much more to be said other than they are comfortable and a classic.


Ballet Bag – When I went to Oklahoma City Ballet I saw someone carrying around a kind of strange bag, but I loved it. It is one of the cotton net grocery bags. They are big enough to carry everything you’ll need without being too bulky. The best thing them about them is the holes everywhere allows for pointe shoes to dry out wonderfully. Since I’m always asked about my bag I found it on Amazon and am linking it here.


Class In Leotard– This halter leotard is my favorite. I got it for my birthday and it is wonderful. The neckline is pretty low though, which isn’t show very well in the images. I really enjoy the cut of the legs and the fit is pretty good for me getting a small at 5’2″. I got the olive color and I like this leotard so much I’m considering getting another in black. Highly highly recommend!


Abigail Mentzer Skirt– These skirts are very nice. They are a very nice cut, giving the legs a rather long look and the variety in color is great. I wear my green skirt nearly everyday in class and at rehearsal. They are a tad pricey, but make a great gift.

Every item on here is something I use constantly and really enjoy. Each product is durable and of good quality. I hope you try one of the items out and enjoy as much as I do!

Come back next Monday to hear about tech week and the beginning of Nutcracker performances!

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