Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! This season has been absolutely crazy busy and flew by very quickly. I woke up this morning and it didn’t even feel like Christmas, the holidays popped up out of no where.

The holidays are very welcome after a long run of Nutcracker. Ten shows, two roles, two months of preparation, and eight show days made up the Nutcracker this year. The whole experience was at times stressful, but outside of that fulfilling and loads of fun. Seeing all the hard work and preparation was amazing.

This year Nutcracker was a whole new experience. Now in high school I had the opportunity of doing new roles, no longer was I doing the same two scenes I had for the past three years. In the last three years I was a mother ginger cookie and a party child. Those three years of the same roles(ish since you are different positions in the same scene) had been wonderful. The first year you are just getting to learn the role, the second you start to gain comfort, and by the third year that role is Nutcracker to you and you get to enjoy it.

Going into new roles this year was something I was very excited for, but it also changed the experience and made it something new. No longer was Nutcracker going to a party and chilling with your friends, now it was dancing for a guest, showing gratitude. Not only did I get to take on new roles, but as a senior company member you take class with company and you are there for every show no matter what. Being at the theater everyday and taking class with the professionals everyday gave Nutcracker a whole new dynamic, it wasn’t something you did on the side, now it was much more like a job. This new dynamic was wonderful.

If nothing else Nutcracker this year gave me a stronger view of the professional life and  made me crave it even more. I’m so glad that as time goes on, the exact same production doesn’t fail to grow and change with me. Now it is time to rest up because we’re back in studio in a week!

I hope you enjoyed this post, there wasn’t much of a meaning to it, but I loved writing about my relationship with the Nutcracker and sharing it with you. Have a happy, happy Holidays. Rest well and relax because even though we all love to perform, it is so dang exhausting. All see you back here in 2018!

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