audition season

The early months of a new year always bring the all so consuming audition season. I’m not auditioning an absurd amount this year. I have done one in person audition, sent a tape, and I may audition one other place in person if my schedule allows.

Yesterday was my in person audition for Ballet Chicago. There were only seventeen people auditioning including myself, which is rather small. It was at a smaller studio in Ohio and I feel pretty good about it.

The class itself was very invigorating. Ballet Chicago is a Balanchine school (Happy Birthday Mr. B), seeing how I go to a studio with little to no Balanchine work it is very exciting to audition for a Balanchine centered school. If you are at my studio you know that my all time favorite variation (of my not very expansive variation knowledge) would be the one from the  Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux. The audition, taught with Balanchine influence, felt so good to dance. I always feel very free in my dancing, but especially so when it is in Balanchine technique.

Our teacher, Daniel Duell, learned are names and addressed directly rather than through numbers. He also took the time to teach us, giving corrections and letting us practice. It was down to earth while still professional. The experience wasn’t stressful, but just exciting to practice a different technique in a new surrounding from a new teacher. It was one of my favorite audition experiences. I will hear back hopefully within the week and am excited to see what is to come with auditions this season.

It was a short post, but I hope you enjoyed it. Check back again next week!

One comment

  1. Siobhan · January 23, 2018

    Yay! I’m glad your audition went well!


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