four filling breakfasts

I love breakfast. So many people take it for granted or devalue it, but I think you should always try to eat a good breakfasts. I get it breakfasts can’t get boring, you can eat eggs or some sort of carb, but that is why I am here. I think it is better to eat a strong breakfasts and then refuel with a light lunch. I know so many people who skip breakfast and then eat big lunches because their so hungry. I firmly believe that it is better to feel energized and well fed rather than sluggish and hungry for the first half of my day, so no matter what I read I will always start my day off with a breakfast of sorts. In hopes of inspiring you to start off your day right with a good breakfasts I have put together four of my favorite, healthy (relatively) breakfasts.

1. Quinoa Bowl


YUM, YUM, YUM. I love these. I personally eat mine with roasted garlic, kale, sliced avocado, and peppers (not in this bowl), but you can eat your bowl with any sort of veggies. I also throw in a hard-boiled egg and top it off with Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette. I know, I know, salad dressing in a quinoa bowl sounds weird, but it what takes your quinoa bowl from okay to great.

2. Smoothie

So I know this isn’t a very special or different breakfast idea, but it is a goody. I’ll share my recipe in case you want to try it. One banana, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi(not in this one), and kefir from Trader Joe’s. The kefir makes a good liquid for blending and either strawberry or mango flavor from Trader Joe’s is very good.

3. Avocado Toast


Alright, so again it is pretty basic, but I have a pretty unique avocado toast recipe. Obviously toast your bread (either a whole grain or french boule bread) then spread your thoroughly mashed avocado all over. Drizzle a little bit of oil on then top with chopped green onion and sliced radish. Finish your toast of with a sprinkle of salt. Something a little out of the box from your typical avocado toast.

4. Protein Pancakes


I love pancakes, so, so much, but sadly they serve no nutritional value. So after some searching I found a simple and delicious pancake recipe that is just egg, banana, protein powder, and oats from Tastemade. I’ll insert the link to the recipe below. These pancakes are great plain with some pure maple syrup or with some blueberries and powder sugar. Very tasty, very easy, and very filling for your busy day.

pancake recipe

I hope you found this post helpful and try some of these breakfasts. I definitely hope to do a second version in the future so keep your eyes out. Also come back next week for my thoughts and advice when it comes to Yumikos!



So I haven’t posted in two weeks, but it is only because I don’t like to post when I don’t have content. I don’t want to be mass producing blog posts with no value, so I simply haven’t written, but that is no longer.

Today, I’ll give a brief update on what is going on in my life and give my advice on how to deal with rejection.

So, last Friday I went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet summer intensive audition. I really didn’t anticipate getting in, but was curious on what would happen. It was a good class, not my best, but I enjoyed and it was a relatively small group.

I unfortunately did not get in, but that was okay with me. I wasn’t expecting to get in and so it didn’t bruise me too badly. This “rejection” email wasn’t my first and most definitely won’t be my last coming back from an audition. It definitely isn’t fun to get that email that says “we are sorry to inform”, but it is apart of the dancer life. When deciding which topic I wanted to right about this I wondered if I really wanted to talk about rejection. It is a personal topic and affects different people in different ways. Even though it isn’t the easiest topic to broach I’m doing it in this post, in hopes it might help someone else.

First, accepting it for what it is. While I didn’t get into PNB and wasn’t even expecting to, it still stung to tell people who knew I went I didn’t get in. Even writing this post I almost feel a little embarrassed to say I didn’t make it. Accepting what happened is probably the hardest, but most crucial part of the rejection recovery process. Learning to acknowledge your rejection and not hide it from others will help you get over a rejection much faster.

Second, remember your “congratulations”. When someone says no that is the best time to remember the times someone said yes. Think of the times you got a yes after an audition, value that. If you have yet to get a yes be proud that you put yourself out there. Auditioning is a scary thing and the fact that you are willing to go get judged and put into a box of “what we want” or “what we don’t want” shows you are pretty awesome. Realize that all of the yeses and nos you get have real meaning.

Third, try try try again. Don’t let someone turning you down discourage you, go back next year and try again. Work even harder, don’t give up and let a bruised self-esteem stop you. I may not have made it into PNB this year, but I will definitely be auditioning again next year.

I hope this post helped you and I hope you apply it to stuff outside of dance. Take pride in your rejections that show you were brave enough to face the possibility of rejection. Rejoice in your acceptances that further prove how amazing you are.

See you again next week!