find a role model

With Dayton Ballet’s season coming to a close I am saying good-bye to some role models that have danced with the company for as long as I have been there. I have always looked up to them it is bittersweet to see them go, but it inspired to write a post about role models. Everyone whether they realize it or not has role models and people they look to and helps shape them in some way. Some people only have one role model, while others have many. For me, I have many people I look up to and that inspire me in my life.

If you feel you don’t have a role model in mind, try to find one. It could be teacher, family, friends, or someone in media you admire. Role models can act as a source of inspiration or someone who gives guidance. Overall you should find a role model that makes you want to be the best you, you can be.

Family- I look up to nearly all of my family, since I’m the baby. Family is like a built-in source for role models.  I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive family that is why maybe you can turn to friends.

Friends- I greatly admire many of my seniority at Dayton Ballet School. They push me to be better not because I want to be better than them, but because I admire their strengths.

Teachers- Both school teachers and ballet teachers have definitely shaped who I am as a person. I admire their dedication to bettering the upcoming generations. If it weren’t for teachers in my life, I would have missed out on many important lessons, even ones I didn’t care to learn at the time.

Celebrities- The role model we may need at a certain time might not be around. To find the guidance need sometimes you have to look to people you don’t know. Even though you may not be able to talk someone in person or ask them for advice they can act as a role model. Tiler Peck has always been someone I strive to be like in my dancing. I know I have a long way, but if I could get anywhere near her level of expression and clean technicality I would be proud. She pushes me to try my best and that is what matters.

Overall I hope you have someone as a role model. If it weren’t for my many great role models I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you to the dancers of Dayton Ballet and Dayton Ballet School, my teachers in and out of studio, Tiler Peck, my friends, and my family. Seeing how any one can be a role model, think about how you may be someone else’s role model, people find inspiration all around them.

Check back next week!

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