crunch time

One of the most stressful weeks of the year is upon me. It is not only tech week for Nutcracker, but also the week before exams for school along with end of semester projects needing to be complete. There are about ten different things going on all at once it seems.

As for injury, I’m hanging in there. Class itself is the worst part, when I’m not very warm and it hurts to do cambres forward or back. Last Friday, filled with guilt I sat out of center, frustrated. After physical therapy last Wednesday I had felt good during class and on Thursday not as good, but still felt capable. Sitting out on Friday felt horrible, I knew I should take it easy since the weekend would be crazy, but it was so defeating. Limiting what I do feels crappy even when it is for my well being. I need to keep my eye on the bigger picture and focus on progress. Newly needled, it’s time to get my mind in the right place to nip this injury in the butt.

This last weekend went relatively well all things considered, I naturally block out any pain while dancing my actual parts. It was two in-studio run thrus each on Saturday and Sunday. I was overall happy with my dancing, so it felt good to get through that.

Now it is stress city. I haven’t talked about school in a while, but it is a bit overwhelming at the moment. Two teachers through on some last minute big projects and studying for exams is also taking over. It is going to be notes and textbooks backstage or in the dressing room as I go through this weekend. To all my fellow dancer students in the midst of Nutcracker and finals, we got this.

I guess that is really all I have to share for now, but I might write again this week with tech week beginning and opening night on Friday!

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