As I write this I am ready to just curl up and sleep. Saying I’m tired is an understatement. This last weekend was our fist set of shows and it was a time.

Thursday we were still wrapping up tech rehearsals and did a run through with the second cast in the afternoon. It was kind of a mess, I missed a call and my prop was falling and it was just overall bad. I was not looking forward to dress rehearsal that followed a couple hours later. Considering how the tech rehearsal was a flop dress actually went very well. With rehearsals all finished a bit before ten o’clock, I headed home to do schoolwork. I was up LATE. I had to practice two projects for school and then get to school earlier than usual.

Friday it was opening night at last, BUT I had to get through school first. Luckily both projects went very well and a good amount of weight I didn’t even realize I had felt was lifted. I felt fresh to go to the theater for our first official show. The first show went suitably, I felt good about it, but wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. It was a flowers show and I felt like my spacing could have been better. The audience was fantastic and at the end of the night I knew it wouldn’t be my best show, but it got me on the right track to kick Nutcracker off.

Saturday meant I could blissfully sleep in and I did, all the way to 9:40. I know, so crazy. Saturday got off to a rocky start with a full class on stage at 12:15. I get to the stage and there is a huge puddle (and I mean huge) about two feet from where I stand for barre. To add to the already sticky situation our pianist wasn’t there for about the first half hour. So it is twelve something on Saturday with a leak in the ceiling dripping on my bun as we dance in silence, not quite how you want to begin a double show day. Never the less everyone prevailed, our pianist came through, the leak from above was stopped, and the matinee went rather well. There was a minor freak accident of a long (about eight foot) ribbon getting caught on a costume leaving a ribbon and it’s stick laying on the stage waiting to trip someone during the second act. Thanks to one of the darling and smart little lambies in marzipan the broken prop was brought of stage with crisis averted. All of that and it wasn’t even 5 o’clock! After dinner the second show went much smoother and it was two successful runs of Chinese complete by the end of Saturday.

The single show on Sunday was welcome after a rather long Saturday. It was back to theater for class again, no puddle this time, and another run of flowers. Once again the audience was pretty incredible. I felt better about Sunday’s flowers, I was more in my skin and was happier with the way things went. The day felt very fast compared to the previous one. When the show was over everyone headed to the little cast party held primarily for the younger cast to get signatures and photos with the company. It felt different this year, with so many new company members and a very different senior company the party was a little strange for me. Two company members I had taken a picture with every year since my very first Nutcracker had retired and the faint bitterness of change was stinging. I got home by 5:30 and hit the books. 

Today, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all days off for me and it is school consumed. I’m studying and prepping what seems to be nonstop. Despite much review I did my first exam didn’t go as well as I’d hoped it would. Tomorrow I have an exam for English and History, the first of which starts at 8:00 am. I’m going to do my best to power through these last two days of school then it will be diving right back in to Nutcracker for three double show days in a row and then one last matinee. 

Who knows maybe with the craziness that has been ensuing I’ll write an extra post? Until next time, I wish all of you abundant sleep, good grades, and extra long applauses.

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