Happy New Year! The first half of the season went by way faster than I was expecting it to. This last half of the season is definitely going to be busy with many different shows and rehearsals. As I gear up for classes beginning again this week I’ve decided to share some goals. Not the most creative blog post, but I find that making goals helps me a lot to focus and hone in on my objectives.

  1. Relax and enjoy. I never just enjoy things as they are happening and I always stress. To finish off this season I want to appreciate things while they are happening instead of just missing them once they’re gone. I said it to some people on the last day of Nutcracker, but I should listen to it myself “Enjoy how it is now because it might not ever be like that again”.
  2. Put myself out there. I’m told over and over again to go beyond what I need to, so it is my personal goal to do just that. I think everyone gets comfortable and I’ve hit the point in my training where if I don’t challenging myself a bit more I won’t keep improving.
  3. No more off days. Of course we always have our off days during class and won’t be able to dance quite as well as most days. That being said I don’t want to let it be my excuse anymore. Sometimes I’d have an “off day” and let that be a reason for me to stop trying during that class. No more of that, obviously I won’t will myself out of a funk, but I’m not going to let it damper my dancing for the rest of class.

So that’s it three goals, not too bad. It’s not the typical I want consistent triples or I want higher extensions because that doesn’t work for me. I’ve made some goals that will change how I approach my dancing and my mindset with my dancing. Hopefully these goals are helpful to you too and I hope your 2019 started off well. Until next week!

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