I’m done! I finally finished up physical therapy and can say I’m injury free. It definitely took longer than I expected, nearly three months, to nip this back pain in the butt. With that being said, I thought I would talk about some of the things used to relieve pain in case you wonder what they are like.

Cupping- Ok so most people reading this either know what cupping is or what it is like, but for those who don’t, I’ll discuss. They type of cupping I would have is just suction, no heat. A glass is suctioned to your area of tightness and is pulled around to release and relax the muscles. It feels like suction of course, but not painful. While the glass is moved around, it might be slightly uncomfortable while the muscles start to release. Depending on where your being cupped it may feel like it it is rubbing against bones a little bit. Overall there really isn’t pain, pretty similar to a massage, but instead of pressing down into your muscles, your muscles are being lifted up.

Dry Needling- Dry needling was something I was very curious about before trying it. I am not great with needles, so I was a little nervous. The needle is poked in and doesn’t hurt at all going in, until it hits a knot. Once a knot is hit, it feels like a pressure point deep down inside of you has been struck. Not the best feeling, the needle is usually poked into it and moved around causing the muscle to “jump”. It is similar to a spasm. Dry needling can sometimes be needle in and out or the needle will be left in for awhile. After dry needling you will probably sore, kind of like after getting a vaccine or shot.

Pulse Stimulation- This wasn’t for my back, but I did have pulse stimulation done on my quads to help them relax. The feeling of pulse stimulation is like when your body part is asleep and you move it. Similar to the little shock you feel then, you feel during pulse stimulation, but much more controlled. It’s a strange and funny feeling at first, but not at all painful.

All of these treatments are great for relaxing your body. If you ever find yourself injured and needing to do one of them, I hope this post is helpful. Of course I can only do my best explaining what they are like, so ask your physician any additional questions. See you next week!

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  1. katie connell · January 22, 2019

    yay this is so exciting!! love staying up to date through your blog xoxo 🙂


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