sleeping beauty

This last week was almost entirely dedicated to Sleeping Beauty and I loved it. There is some kind of magic when performing at the Schuster Center that whether you have a small part or you are the center of the show, it feels special.

Sleeping Beauty was exactly what I needed right now. Senior company’s part wasn’t huge, but I was on stage for nearly the second act soaking it all in and enjoying it. It is always special getting to do an extra ballet in the spring even if it is a little stressful. On Wednesday night we had about six hours total of tech rehearsal, but we were at the theater for eight hours. It was a little tiring, but the practice was needed.

Thursday night was dress rehearsal and it went as well as I could’ve hoped. Everything I did that I was maybe a little anxious about went really well. It felt good and I was ready for an audience.

Then it was Friday night, time to finally perform. It definitely wasn’t my personal best, but the feeling on stage that night was incredible. The energy seemed to bounce from dancer to audience back to dancer. I had never felt more relaxed or simply enjoyed performing as I did that night. The role of party guest wasn’t exactly tasking, so it felt like I just got to relish the stage. It was the exact kind of refresh I needed this time of year.

Saturday brought a little extra sleep and a full class, the first one in a few days. Saturday my performing was at its best for both the matinee and evening show. The audience in the evening was incredible, laughing at every moment they were supposed to and flooding our ears with applause.

Lastly was the Sunday matinee. It was my least favorite day of the run through. Everything went well, but it is always a little hard to let go of a production. I grew a little sad realizing some things were coming to an end and that it was one person’s last time doing this or another person’s last time doing that. It was bittersweet to summarize it simply.

It is all over now, but I’ll miss it. This was far from the traditional Sleeping Beauty, but beautiful none the less. I’m so glad I got to watch it become what it was and watch backstage nearly every day when I wasn’t performing. This was a nice little breath of fresh air to re-encourage me through these next five or so weeks. End of year is fast approaching and I’m incredibly ready and at the same time not ready in the slightest.

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