Flat Shoes

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Capezio Cobra

A little late posting, but today’s subject is flat shoes. A lot of people focus on pointe shoes, but flat shoes are very important too. For most, about the first five to nine years of their dancing is just in flat shoes. Some wear leather and some wear canvas. There are so many brands it can make your head spin, so here is my take on flat shoes.

To be very generic, you can go two ways with flat shoes; leather or canvas. When I first started I wore leather shoes for dress code, but if I did not care for them. They have the benefit of lasting much longer than canvas shoes, but that is the only pro I can think of. I have found that leather is usually more expensive, but it isn’t always the case.

Canvas shoes are my preferred because they are generally cheaper and because of the look. Leather shoes do not look bad, but I think canvas shoes are more flattering. They fit the foot and shape to them to show off the arch cleanly. Going beyond leather and canvas you can go with split sole or full sole. In terms of flat shoes I would recommend a split sole because like the canvas it shapes to the foot well.

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Capezio Cobra ballet flats box.

Right now I am wearing Capezio’s Cobra flat shoes. They are canvas with split sole and come pre-sewn. The pre-sewn elastics are great, any time avoiding sewing is a plus. If you’re worried they may be sewn wrong for you, I haven’t experienced any issues, they have always fit right. I have really enjoyed them and recommend them to anyone who wants to try new shoes. After going through three pairs of them I may try something new because I always like to try new styles when it comes to ballet garb.

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Capezio Cobra shoe inside out

Sorry about the late posting, but I hope this post was helpful! Don’t forget that dress codes may permit certain shoes and everyone has their own preferences. Stay tuned for Suffolk pointe shoe post this Monday!