are yumikos worth the money

Ooooh, I am very excited to write this review on Yumikos. Yumikos have always been the “it” leotard brand. For as long as I can remember it was such a cool and special thing to get a Yumiko leotard especially considering the price. After going through my experience of the purchasing process and having two Yumikos I thought I would answer the question; Are Yumikos worth the money?

So we all know that the awesome things about Yumikos are the customability, with a plethora of colors, styles, and other adjustments. In my experience I have gone with the high cut leg, I don’t have very long legs naturally, so it is a must. I have ordered both through a yumigirl and on my own. Other than the discount the ease of ordering through a yumigirl is the same as purchasing on your own. The two styles I have gotten are the Tamara and Sofiane styles.

I love these styles, they fit beautifully and the nylon fabric is very comfortable. The range of colors is awesome and I am extremely happy with how the two have come out and how they feel while dancing. I would definitely follow the size chart, I generally wear smalls, but with Yumiko I went with a medium and it was the right decision.

I would highly recommend getting a lining of sorts, especially with lighter color fabrics.  I got the Sofiane in the N-Sun color and even with lining it isn’t perfectly opaque. Delivery, while long, is still very timely. Depending on when you order I think your production time will vary. It seems to me that ordering in the summer is when your order will fulfill the quickest and in fall-winter due to the holidays it will take longer.

I really do like my Yumikos and considering the numerous personalizing options I would say that it is worth the price. These two leotards are most definitely two of my favorites out of my collection.

I hope you enjoyed the brief, unsponsored review and check back next week to hear all about Dayton Ballet’s production of Swan Lake!


Jule Dancewear Review


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This is a post discussing my favorite dancewear brand, Jule Dancewear. It is a dance brand that is run by professional dancers for dancers. This brand is great for several reasons, so I’m here to tell you about them.
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To start, the leotards themselves. This leotard is my favorite. Its cut gives you a longer line in the legs without showing your butt off like a lot of other leotards. Not only do the leotards look flattering, but they are comfortable. The material feels good on the skin after hours at class. Going beyond the comfort and nice lines they give, the dot mesh looks really neat. It is a unique look without being too over the top for a ballet class.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 presetOutside of having good quality leotards, the treatment of customers is great. To start when you get your order you get a hand written card. This may be small, but to me this says a lot. It is the little things that show people care and whenever a brand sends a note like this, I can’t help thing better of them. In addition to them sending these cards they also are very pleasant with returns. Never had I had such a pleasant experience with a complicated return.

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The one downfall of this brand, the cost. It is a little pricey and I did only get my order because I had a discount, but I highly recommend you keep your eye out for a discount, so you can by your own Jule Dancewear.

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