are yumikos worth the money

Ooooh, I am very excited to write this review on Yumikos. Yumikos have always been the “it” leotard brand. For as long as I can remember it was such a cool and special thing to get a Yumiko leotard especially considering the price. After going through my experience of the purchasing process and having two Yumikos I thought I would answer the question; Are Yumikos worth the money?

So we all know that the awesome things about Yumikos are the customability, with a plethora of colors, styles, and other adjustments. In my experience I have gone with the high cut leg, I don’t have very long legs naturally, so it is a must. I have ordered both through a yumigirl and on my own. Other than the discount the ease of ordering through a yumigirl is the same as purchasing on your own. The two styles I have gotten are the Tamara and Sofiane styles.

I love these styles, they fit beautifully and the nylon fabric is very comfortable. The range of colors is awesome and I am extremely happy with how the two have come out and how they feel while dancing. I would definitely follow the size chart, I generally wear smalls, but with Yumiko I went with a medium and it was the right decision.

I would highly recommend getting a lining of sorts, especially with lighter color fabrics.  I got the Sofiane in the N-Sun color and even with lining it isn’t perfectly opaque. Delivery, while long, is still very timely. Depending on when you order I think your production time will vary. It seems to me that ordering in the summer is when your order will fulfill the quickest and in fall-winter due to the holidays it will take longer.

I really do like my Yumikos and considering the numerous personalizing options I would say that it is worth the price. These two leotards are most definitely two of my favorites out of my collection.

I hope you enjoyed the brief, unsponsored review and check back next week to hear all about Dayton Ballet’s production of Swan Lake!


Rock Summer Intensive Part III

Here is my final post on the Rock, hope you enjoy!

My last post said how I had high hopes for the rest of week two and they were fulfilled. I loved it. Tuesday was a shorter day, seeing as it was the Fourth of July. Class was good and I had a great time at a firework outing with my friends. Everything about the outing in the evening was fun, from an intense game of Money in the Middle to pretty fireworks, even the bus driver was a blast. It was so nice to have a good day not only in ballet, but also outside of it.

Wednesday was a good fulfilling day with class from my favorite teacher to start me off, and then class from the ballet master, Justin Allen. Justin’s classes grew on me a lot, the first one I had, I didn’t care for, but I really enjoy them now. He doesn’t waste time and always keeps class moving, so you get all you can out of it, which I really appreciate.

On Thursday, I woke up not feeling too hot, I didn’t have a fever or anything drastic, but it was rough. Despite the headache and sleepiness, this day was great. I had a very basic morning class, by my luck, so I didn’t have to throw my achy body into anything. The afternoon brought class from Chase O’Connell, a Ballet West principal. He was very kind and I liked his teaching, after technique he also taught partnering. Partnering was really good, my partner was very kind and pushed me a little. I really appreciated this, it helped me to do better in class and grow my confidence. So shout out to my really awesome partner.

By Friday, I was feeling better, much to my relief. I started the day with Jody, the teacher that had run my audition and I was really happy to have her. Her class was definitely the most comfortable one, in terms of teacher-student relationship. Everyone was a little more relaxed. It was nice to have the final day be one with jokes and laughter. After Jody’s class, was Beckanne Sisk’s class, another principal from Ballet West. She was so kind. She took pictures with nearly everyone after class and answered people’s questions of advice patiently and carefully. Not only was she a good person, but she was also a good teacher. Beckanne not only really helped me with my turns on pointe, but also gave me great tips for my technique as a whole.

I can safely say will and already do miss the Rock. The atmosphere there was great, I was inspired by others to work my hardest and do my best. I loved the training and it was such an amazing opportunity to be exposed to Balanchine. This school had definitely made me crave more and has truly inspired me to go out and work to be better. I hope my little bit of documentation of my experience was enjoyable to read and check back next Monday for a new post!

Suffolk Pointe Shoes

suffolk pointe shoes

For my third post in the shoes series, I’m talking about my current pointe shoes. Right now, I wear Suffolk’s Stellar shoes.

To start these shoes are very nice looking. The satin is slightly pinky peach. They have a cloth drawstring that I usually replace with an elastic one to help the shoe fit better. I am slightly obsessed with Suffolk’s ribbons. The brand’s ribbons are the same on each side, with a slightly dull look. This means less pancaking and no worries about sewing a ribbon on the wrong side, which I love.

Part of the reason I started wearing these shoes is because it has helped with the twisting I previously discussed in my Bloch shoes post. The twisting doesn’t even occur in these shoes. They are very strong, which I personally like. Since they are strong, I recommend breaking the box in beforehand. I always do this because if I don’t I’m sure to get blisters in class. You want to be careful when doing this to avoid over breaking in.

These shoes have been really good to me. I never had problems performing in them, they last awhile, and shape to the foot well. They are a little more expensive Bloch, but it is worth it because of the decent life span of the shoes. The Suffolk shoes are really nice and if you are looking for something new check out the brand because I know a lot of people who like them other than me.

I hope you enjoyed the post and come back next Monday for final post of the shoe series!


Flat Shoes

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Capezio Cobra

A little late posting, but today’s subject is flat shoes. A lot of people focus on pointe shoes, but flat shoes are very important too. For most, about the first five to nine years of their dancing is just in flat shoes. Some wear leather and some wear canvas. There are so many brands it can make your head spin, so here is my take on flat shoes.

To be very generic, you can go two ways with flat shoes; leather or canvas. When I first started I wore leather shoes for dress code, but if I did not care for them. They have the benefit of lasting much longer than canvas shoes, but that is the only pro I can think of. I have found that leather is usually more expensive, but it isn’t always the case.

Canvas shoes are my preferred because they are generally cheaper and because of the look. Leather shoes do not look bad, but I think canvas shoes are more flattering. They fit the foot and shape to them to show off the arch cleanly. Going beyond leather and canvas you can go with split sole or full sole. In terms of flat shoes I would recommend a split sole because like the canvas it shapes to the foot well.

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Capezio Cobra ballet flats box.

Right now I am wearing Capezio’s Cobra flat shoes. They are canvas with split sole and come pre-sewn. The pre-sewn elastics are great, any time avoiding sewing is a plus. If you’re worried they may be sewn wrong for you, I haven’t experienced any issues, they have always fit right. I have really enjoyed them and recommend them to anyone who wants to try new shoes. After going through three pairs of them I may try something new because I always like to try new styles when it comes to ballet garb.

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Capezio Cobra shoe inside out

Sorry about the late posting, but I hope this post was helpful! Don’t forget that dress codes may permit certain shoes and everyone has their own preferences. Stay tuned for Suffolk pointe shoe post this Monday!


Bloch Pointe Shoes

Starting a new series on shoes this week. The first shoes I’m going to talk about are Bloch shoes.

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All of my Bloch shoes.

Bloch shoes were my first shoes. I wore Bloch European Balance, like many starting dancers. They were a great starter shoe. Not that these shoes aren’t good for wearing as a more experienced dancer, but they are better as a harder shoe. The reason they are better starter shoes is because they are very hard, which I personally think is a good characteristic for dancers new to pointe.


First pair’s box.

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First pair of shoes.

One thing I really appreciated about these shoes is that they helped my feet not twist. My feet tend to twist in shoes and there are few shoes that fit right and can stop it. Of course as my feet grew stronger and more accustom to pointe the shoes weren’t able to prevent twisting as well.

I always felt very supported on these shoes and enjoyed wearing them. My first ever on stage pointe performance was in European Balance and I’ll always have special place for these shoes.

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My one and only non European Balance shoes that are still Bloch.

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The box, that doesn’t even go with the shoes.

I did wear one pair of Bloch shoes that weren’t European Balance. These shoes were ones that my studio was selling along with other custom shoes company members that were no longer dancing had order. They fit just fine, but I have no idea what they are because they are custom and the box doesn’t go with them.

Well, younger, not as experienced Ella had decided she really needed to break in these shoes. I over broke them in, so much so that the nail in the shank actually came out. Now this isn’t much of a problem for older dancers, but for twelve-year-old me it was.

I hadn’t even had one class in them and they were useless to me. When I did take class in them, it was no easy task. I soon got rid of those shoes and that has to be my most embarrassing mistake with pointe shoes, so to any newcomers pointe, be careful when you break in shoes!

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I hope you enjoyed reading about Bloch shoes and my embarrassing mistake. Come back this Friday for a post on flat shoes and don’t forget to follow, like, and comment!

Jule Dancewear Review


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This is a post discussing my favorite dancewear brand, Jule Dancewear. It is a dance brand that is run by professional dancers for dancers. This brand is great for several reasons, so I’m here to tell you about them.
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To start, the leotards themselves. This leotard is my favorite. Its cut gives you a longer line in the legs without showing your butt off like a lot of other leotards. Not only do the leotards look flattering, but they are comfortable. The material feels good on the skin after hours at class. Going beyond the comfort and nice lines they give, the dot mesh looks really neat. It is a unique look without being too over the top for a ballet class.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 presetOutside of having good quality leotards, the treatment of customers is great. To start when you get your order you get a hand written card. This may be small, but to me this says a lot. It is the little things that show people care and whenever a brand sends a note like this, I can’t help thing better of them. In addition to them sending these cards they also are very pleasant with returns. Never had I had such a pleasant experience with a complicated return.

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The one downfall of this brand, the cost. It is a little pricey and I did only get my order because I had a discount, but I highly recommend you keep your eye out for a discount, so you can by your own Jule Dancewear.

Check them out at: